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Something For Those Of You Who Raise Meat Goats

I found this post that may save you your goat or lamb when Urinary Calculi (Bladder Stones) occur. This is a deadly condition if not treated quickly and if you don’t have the right meds you could be out of luck. But this post has a recipe for a homemade remedy, in which the ingredients can be purchased at the local grocery store.


Different hay for different reasons

Found an interesting post on another blog about the differences in hay that is available here in Central Florida. He explains when and why to use the different types.

Hay Isn’t Just Hay – BobCat Acres Times

An article on how to store those homestead rabbits

Found an article on what to do with those rabbits once you’ve processed them (skinning and cleaning). Here the person shows how they use a vacuum sealer to get the rabbits ready for the freezer.

A vacuum sealer is a really useful tool to have, By vacuum sealing you help to prevent freezer burn of your hard worked for harvests.

Preparing Harvested Rabbits for Storage and Use – BobCat Acres Times