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Something For Those Of You Who Raise Meat Goats

I found this post that may save you your goat or lamb when Urinary Calculi (Bladder Stones) occur. This is a deadly condition if not treated quickly and if you don’t have the right meds you could be out of luck. But this post has a recipe for a homemade remedy, in which the ingredients can be purchased at the local grocery store.


Welcome to Central Florida Homesteading


This site is dedicated to the people who pursue homesteading in the Central Florida area. Specifically but not limited to the Orlando FL area.

We will highlight the people and homesteads that are in the shadow of Walt Disney World, whether they are as big as 100’s of acres or as small as a backyard. Hopefully we all will learn something from the experiences of these people and be able to all move closer to a more sustainable and self sufficient lifestyle.

Check back frequently to see our latest highlighted topic or homestead.